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Lifesaver, well at the very least DESK saver! =)
This is what I've been looking for my whole life! I bought so many different coasters to absorb the sweat from my iced coffee, but none of them worked. I found myself wiping up the water from my desk all day at work. I've been using this now for about a week, and not an ounce of condensation on my desk! As an added bonus, it also stops any water from getting in the cup holders of my truck. In addition, this would be great to take to meetings so no more embarrassing water marks left on the leather coasters they usually provide! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Bought 2! My husband loves it as well!

DecorQueen173 |  | size: Medium 22-24oz | color: Bright Pink | Verified Purchase

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Keeps drinks cold and no sweat
When McDonald's got rid of their styrofoam cups for sweet tea I was at a loss. McDonald's sweet tea is made and often put out warm, that is a problem because you need to fill your cup with ice. Well, ice melts and the tea gets watered down, plus there is condensation that goes everywhere. This cup holder solves both problems and the large McDonald's cup fits in perfectly. I own 4 now to keep one with me all the time.

Jim |  | size: Large 32oz | color: Blue | Verified Purchase

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LOVE my Java Sok...keeps my drink cold and hands warm!
LOVE my Java Sok!! I have needed one of these for a long time, to keep my iced coffee cold and my hands from freezing while holding the cup. This is a genius invention and I am SO happy to have found it on Amazon. I'm going to tell everyone I know about this thing. Nice colors too!! I bought pink, green and light blue, so I have back ups.

lunakasha |  | size: Large 32oz | color: Light Blue | Verified Purchase

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LOVE my Java Sok!! I have needed one of these for a long time, to keep my iced coffee cold and my hands from freezing while holding the cup. This is a genius invention and I am SO happy to have found it on Amazon. I'm going to tell everyone I know about this thing. Nice colors too!! I bought pink, green and light blue, so I have back ups.

Amanda |  | size: Medium 22-24oz | color: Light Blue | Verified Purchase

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Love, love, love
I keep both of my Java Soks in the backpack that I take to work each day. When I stop for my large iced coffee from Dunks, I immediately put it in my Java Sok and it keeps the condensation from dripping everywhere, keeps my iced coffee cold, AND keeps the ice longer. I love these things! They are well made and no frills - which is exactly what I was looking for. The large fits my large-sized iced Dunks cup perfectly; the medium fits my medium-sized iced Dunks cup and my large-sized iced Starbucks cup perfectly. Two thumbs up.

WCB |  | size: Medium 22 - 24oz | color: Black | Verified Purchase

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Why Javasok?

No More Puddles, No More Rings

JavaSok stops condensation from ruining your day. No more cups wrapped in napkins to keep the sweat from dripping on your clothes, or to stop puddles and rings on your desk (or worse, someone else’s furniture), in your car cup holders, or anywhere else. JavaSok is the permanent solution to the condensation blues.

Keeps Your Hands Warm and Dry

Let’s face it, the purpose of an iced beverage is to be cold! But that doesn’t mean your hands have to be cold or wet. JavaSok covers about 85% of your cup to provide a comfortable, easy to hold, warm and dry experience.

Your Drink Stays Cold, Longer

JavaSok is made from thick, insulating neoprene, fabric coated on both sides, providing a natural barrier to the elements. That means your drinks will stay cold, longer.

Adds Style and Ready Wherever You Are

JavaSok is soft, cushy and comes in multiple colors & designs. Keep one in your pocket, purse, briefcase, office, gym bag, glove box or a million other places so you’ll always have a JavaSok on hand to keep you looking good.

For More Than Just Iced Coffee

While our name suggests coffee, we are all about a better on-the-go experience. Use your JavaSok on all your plastic cold beverage cups from your favorite stores like Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Smoothie King, Jamba Juice, McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, WaWa and your local coffee & convenience stores.

Where do you use your JavaSok?

JavaSok, The Original Cold Beverage Sleeve


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Average of 4.7 stars on Amazon.com
180+ reviews

  • Made of 3MM coated neoprene
  • Orders before 5pm Eastern ship same day
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, Free Returns


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  • Perfect Fit Soft Neoprene Cup Sleeve for Dunkin Donuts 32 oz Large and Starbucks 30 oz Trenta cold cups. 
  • Fits similar sizes of Dart and Solo plastic cups from other popular brands.
  • 3mm Coated Neoprene Stops Condensation Build Up! – No more embarrassing table rings & dripping cups. Easy on your hands. Keeps cups dry and drinks colder.
  • High Quality! – Tight, durable stitching. Machine washable. Colorful and Eco-friendly.

Cold drink lovers rejoice! Drink iced coffee, iced tea, and other refreshing cold drinks from your favorite convenience stores and coffee shops, in style, all year long!! The Iced JavaSok is made for comfort and good looks. It keeps beverages cold and hands dry, warm and comfortable (also great for keeping your drinks from rattling around in your car or truck cup holder). These cup jackets are made to fit Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and most other popular brands of cold cups snuggly including Wawa, QuickChek, Jamba Juice, Sheetz, and 7-Eleven coffee, juice and soda cups. Check sizes when ordering and search for JavaSok to find other sizes and colors. Fun Fact: Other uses for your JavaSok might include as a hand warmer at a football game, or to turn your vehicle cup holder into a soft stuff holder for your phone, tissues, pens, loose change, etc. Wash with soap and water. NOT FOR HOT BEVERAGES.

JavaSok is produced in China exclusively for Unique Neoprene the makers of JavaSok soft neoprene cup sleeves, and is not affiliated with the Norwood Promotional Products, LLC Koozie brand, Iced Coffee Koozies, or any other products carrying the Norwood Koozie brand name.

Warranty Information

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. If you are not satisfied with your Java Sok product for any reason you may request a return and full refund within 90 days of purchase. Product defects including stitching opening up, tearing of the fabric, and the Java Sok logo peeling or chipping are guaranteed for one full year from the date of purchase. In the event of a defect Java Sok will replace your product at no charge within the warranty period and ship it to you for free. Java Sok is made of neoprene which reduces but does not eliminate condensation and therefore some dampness is normal and not considered a defect.


  1. Laura Bruckner

    These are nice sleeves. I bought these to go with Starbucks stainless steel cups, which I used to pair with DD cup koozies. DD is no longer offering them on their website, so their loss. These work well; any cup in Florida is going to sweat a little, plus I drink cold coffee even in winter so I need insulation between the cup and my hands. I’d really like for you to make one in deep purple!

  2. Debbie Herndon

    Wonderful new way to keep beverage cold longer. The new Javasok is a worn seeful invention for cups to keep drinks cold longer. This product helps keep ice from melting too fast and watering down drinks. I have one for the car and work. Would not be without my Javasok!! I am so glad I found these ( actually my daughter found them) and we both love them.

  3. Stacey

    Search is over! Been looking for another Dunkin’ Donuts sleeve for a long time….Unable to locate. These are great! Fits the Venti and Trenta cups from Starbucks, too.
    I’d like to see more colors and designs….Has JavaSok approached Dunkin or Starbucks about private label koozies? Just a thought!

  4. George

    The best out there – Unlike Dunkin Donuts and similar brands that are glued at the bottom, the javasok is stitched and will not fall apart with use. I got ones for each car and my travel bag. Best I’ve seen out there.

  5. Nelson

    Great product – I love the Java Sok!! I have several and have bought several to give away to friends. My son also loves them on his sippy cup. I guess cause he sees Mommy using hers.

  6. nancy

    – The sleeve fit snug on to large fast food soda or coffee cups. The ice stayed in my cup for over 5 hours. I’m glad I ordered them.

  7. Shaadrah

    Buy This! This product is GREAT! I use an insulated 24 oz. cup for my iced beverages and had a DD insulating sleeve that was given to me. It kept getting moldy from the moisture off the cup and dripped water when just a little wet. I went on line to find replacements, and DD’s were EXPENSIVE! When I stumbled onto Java Sok, I couldn’t believe the price. The construction looked good, and the free shipping if you purchase over a certain amount couldn’t be beat. As I live in Florida, and it gets pretty hot and humid here, keeping an iced beverage from dripping all over the place is a challenge. These “soks” seem to do the job quite nicely. I use mine all day long, so I do notice the more the cup sweats the wetter it does get and has a tendency to leave some water marks, but again, I’ve used it all day. So I bought 6 when I purchased (because the price was SO good) and I just change them out during the day. They are FAR superior to the thin, wet DD insulating sleeve I was using, and Java Sok’s construction of their product is way superior. How can you NOT buy this product if you are in the market for a GREAT product at a GREAT price. Drink up my friends!

  8. Unknown

    Works with other drinks too. Works with McDonalds 32oz fountain sodas also. Great idea!

  9. Tiffany

    Love it! I love my java sok. The only thing I would change though is the bottom is a little small so its hard to push the cups down all the way so its not tight at the bottom which makes it a little unsturdy. If the bottom was just a little more wide that would be perfect! ( I have used multiple cups from multiple places and it was the same for them all).

  10. Unknown

    Screwed up my order! I did not order this item in this colour. I have received FOUR emails regarding this order and not one mentioned that there was going to be a substitution! It would have been quite simple to let me know and let me pick the colour. Super disappointed.

  11. Unknown

    Great product!!!
    Well made, keeps my ice water cold all day. Fits all of my reusable tumblers, even those that are larger than a standard DD large. Highly recommended

  12. Teresa L

    Keeping it cold – We drink a lot of Dunkin Iced Coffee. Our coffee covers have worn out. Have had a hard time finding Dunkin replacements. These are perfect for our medium beverages.

  13. Jeanne Lynch

    Awesome yet simple design! Great Price! I originally bought this for a 32oz souvenir cup for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos Baseball games. It fits the cup better than any other product I could find. What’s smart about the design is that its 2 tiers and will fit in many cup holders – such at autos, stadium seats, movie theater seats, etc. There’s enough flexibility in the neoprene to accommodate a few different cup designs. I even use it around my 1 liter water bottle. Great investment. Good color choices.

  14. Unknown

    Exactly What I needed! I recently bought a car that has retractable open style cupholders. When you place an iced drink in them it tends to slip, lean and the condensation drips all over the console. The Javasok is the perfect solution! It holds the drink in place tightly, absorbs the condensation, and its an absolute perfect fit for my daily Starbucks Grande Iced Coffee. Also, its great for carrying the drink around outside the car so my hand doesn’t freeze up. Very nice initial quality, hopefully it will hold up under daily use. They surprised me by including a second Javasok in red as a Mother’s Day gift. Really, really nice!! Very much appreciated!! I plan to buy a few more in different sizes and colors for my wife and myself.

  15. Sandy

    Only one thing is missing! These sleeves are designed to fit, for example, Dunkin’ Donuts cups, and they do — I find them a little narrow at the bottom, so it’s difficult to get the iced coffee cup securely settled in that area…that can make it just a little wobbly. I guess I can deal with that BUT: the original DD sleeves had an additional feature at the top of the sleeve that made it absolutely perfect: there was a component that could be pulled upwards to hold the lid of the DD cup. While the DD cups/lids are very well designed and it’s difficult to get the lid to snap off, but I always felt that extra element of security knowing that if the cup tipped over the lid would stay secured, thereby avoiding a BIG problem.

    I just recently received my sleeves so they are pretty clean for now. I hope I will be able to put them into the washing machine when they get dirty so they always look good. The quality seems to be very good so they should be durable and last for a good time.

  16. Starbucks Addict

    Excellent product and customer service! Wanted something to keep my iced Grande Doubleshot on Ice from sweating and getting diluted too quickly in the summer. This does this trick quite nicely! Excellent customer service, too!

  17. Jina

    awesome product! I bought these for the feature that it holds in the condensation from my iced coffee. But the insulation is amazing. The ice lasts for hours!

  18. Unknown

    Awesome product! Fits XL Slurpee cup like a glove.! No more melted slurpees! Love this!

  19. Lindsay

    Love it! Fits perfectly and is very well made!

  20. Unknown

    Color a little off – My only criticism is that the green one was more of a dark forest green instead of the lighter lime green as it appears on the website.

  21. Deb

    Great idea, great price. One of those items where you’re like, what a great idea. And mine works. Starbucks doesn’t have hot cups to give you. Keeps my coffee cold. I have 2 sizes. Great for summer or long rides.

  22. Deb

    I’m a real customer! This thing rocks!!! I reviewed the smaller one and same goes for this size,
    One of those items where you’re like, what a great idea. And mine works. Starbucks doesn’t have hot cups to give you. Keeps my coffee cold. I have 2 sizes. Great for summer or long rides.

  23. Unknown

    No more puddles! I love Starbucks iced tea but the puddles it leaves in my car’s cupholders and on my desk are mammoth. The medium Java Sok fits the Venti sized cup perfectly….and no puddles. Love it!

  24. Marie

    Too lose – When I pick up my cup by the rim when driving it comes out of the sleeve. What a waste. It’s a pain to reach down and grab cup then sleeve. More of a headache then it’s worth using it with my venti Starbucks.

    Hi Marie, sorry to hear that. Perhaps yours has a slightly larger cut. Some do. Happy to send another for you to try. [email protected]

  25. Ed F

    Hard to Find – Great product even better service.

  26. Maxwell poekel

    Keeps drink cold longer. Works wells. Good customer service

  27. Carol Goodwin

    No more sweaty cups! The best investment you can make if you lead an always-on-the-go lifestyle!
    No more puddle on my desk during the week.
    No more wet cup holder in my car.
    No more frozen hand when I carry my cup.
    Buy all 3 sizes, so you’ll be ready for anything!

  28. Sandra L Grudzen

    Java Sok fits Tervis 24 oz – I bought two of these because I have 2- 24 oz Tervis Tumblers that are not as insulating as I would like. I tried one on my tumbler and it fits quite well…just a little snug in the base…so you need to have liquid in the tumbler or the base has a tendency to topple over. The weight of the liquid gives the glass more heft, and keeps it upright. I’m sure it will work great in the cup holder in my vehicle.

  29. Unknown

    Great! I lost my last cuzi and this was great! Sad that they didnt offer more colors since they were sold out. The only reason why i gave it 4 stars is because it a venti sweats through the material easily 🙁

  30. Ann

    Brilliant!!! I wish I had this years ago! I frequently drink Dunkin’ Iced Tea, and of course struggled with a “sweaty” cup, the JavaSok is brilliant, fits perfectly, keeps your drink cold and your hands dry! 10/10 Highly Recommend!

  31. Michelle

    does what it is supposed to! I bought this java sok to go on my glass camelbak water bottle. As expected, a glass bottle sweats, so I was hoping that this would help with that issue. The sok fits well enough – although not perfectly, but I am happy with it. I am not a take out cold drink drinker, but my daughters are, so I am going to be sure to have them try this sok out and perhaps it will make a great stocking stuffer for this Christmas!

  32. Amanda

    Best cozy I’ve ever used! I drink iced coffee year round, so naturally I’ve been searching for a cozy to avoid dripping in the summer and freezing hands in the winter. Cozies are so hard to find to begin with, but the ones you do find don’t offer the quality, fit, and durability that Javasok does. The Javasok fits the cups PERFECTLY, aren’t bulky, and come in great colors. I loved how my Javasok didn’t feel wet after I took the cup out. Definitely the best purchase I’ve made in a while! I would highly recommend this product to every avid iced coffee drinker.

  33. Unknown

    LOVE MY JAVA SOX – I always drink iced coffee and the Java Sox keeps it cold longer and there are never any drip!! Now I’m buying them as gifts for friends 🙂

  34. Unknown

    Great product – These cozies really do help to keep my iced beverages cold longer. Especially because you have to hold the cups in your hands without handles.

  35. Unknown

    The perfect coffee sleeve – I absolutely love this product. The colors are vibrant and they fit my Dunkin Donuts large iced cup perfectly. I even bought 1 more large and 4 medium to give to my coworkers who also love them!

  36. Marjolein

    Java Sok Review – I originally bought 2 for me, one large and one small. I had so many complements on them that I gave both of them away. So then I bought two more for me and my coworker. We LOVE them!!!

  37. harry

    Great product, awesome item and very fast shipping

  38. Paul

    Fantastic!!! These are completely awesome! They fit the cups perfectly and keep the drink cold while dealing with the ‘cup sweat’ issue you often get when drinking cold beverages in the heat. I have 5 of them now and my family and I use them daily!

  39. Dustin

    Best Insulator for Starbucks Venti – I have been drinking the same drink for over ten years. I get Tall a drip and a Venti ice from Starbucks about twice a day. About a year ago I started using can coozies to keep the plastic Venti cup colder so my ice would not melt as fast. The can coozie only goes half way up the Venti cup but it worked so well I got several so I could replace them when they got dirty. Then I stumbled upon Java Sok which makes neoprene insulators that are not only higher quality but go all the way up the cup. I ordered one, lost it somewhere and ordered five more. They work very well and so now I have a system. I don’t use thermoses because I would have to wash them and they get stinky but I want ice to last all day, so I use Java Soks and Starbucks gives me a free Venti cup with ice in it so it is like having a removable liner for a quality thermos.

  40. Joanne

    I love it! I love my Java sok! Also, yours is cheaper than all the others! Which was a plus for me, so, I bought four!!
    Thank you so much!!
    Joanne Dyer

  41. Tangi Kasch

    Best Sok Ever! I absolutely LOVE this sok! it works for both hot and cold beverages, and I have used it on the Starbucks Grandes and Ventis with no problem.

    The material and thickness is just right – it’s not bulky, but it protects my hands from the heat and cold.

    I think I will be buying a few of these for stocking stuffers! 🙂

  42. Feminole

    Great Product! I have an old one that is falling apart (from a doughnut company and no longer available) and was going crazy- then found your site. Ordered four right away, go them fast, and they are PERFECT! Great colors, fabric, excellent craftsmanship. Will order again for gifts!

  43. Danni

    32 oz java sok – It its it’s working great. Hoping to stretch out a little at to have it fit snug all the way on.

  44. Kim Carlin

    Coffee Sock! I had purchased a similar product at DD for myself and wanted one for a friend and was unable to find one so I looked online and Javasok popped up. What a great item and does exactly what it promises! Keeps the beverage cool and keeps condensation off your desk! I actually bought 2 – and will put it in my son’s stocking for Christmas.

  45. Lynette

    Great product. This is my second ava sok. I bought the first one and just loved it so I wanted one for hme and one for work. I don’t drink coffee, but I love my iced tea. It keeps my drink cold and the ice last forever.

    It’s a great product and I highly recommend it., I purchase the jova cup and made a mistake on the order and David took care of the order with no extra charge. Up standing company it was a pleasure doing doing business with them.

  46. Unknown

    LOVE MY JAVA SOK. I crocheted myself a holder for my fountain soda to help absorb the condensation. But the Java Sok is MUCH better – fits better and absorbs more.

  47. Unknown

    I love my Java Soks! These koozies are great! It drives me crazy how people use styrofoam cups as koozies. It’s so bad for the environment. Java Soks fit Dunkin Donuts cups perfectly. I wash them in my dishwasher and the colors remain vibrant. I have them in every color. My friends make fun of me until I give them one, and then they’re hooked, too. Do yourself and the environment a favor…get a Java Sok (or two…or three).

  48. Shari

    I love my Java Soks! These koozies are great! They fit my Dunkin Donuts cups perfectly. I wash them in my dishwasher and the colors remain vibrant. I have them in every color. My friends make fun of me until I give them one, and then they’re hooked, too. Do yourself a favor…get a Java Sok (or two…or three).

  49. Unknown

    Java Sok Review – I liked the idea so much that I bought 6 at the same time–2 small and 4 large–as stocking stuffers. I wasn’t disappointed. The quality is good and the Sok really does keep the cup from getting condensation in the cup holder. Sweet! No more drips.

  50. Unknown

    I love this item! This really does work. Plus, it flattens so you can put in your handbag or briefcase when not in use. I even bought several for my friends. What a great idea!

  51. Unknown

    Functional, but flawed – I bought the Java Sok because I often buy Venti (24 ounce) drinks from Starbucks. I love how it insulates the cup. My complaint, however, is the fit. The cup doesn’t go all the way down to the bottom of the Java Sok. This causes the cup to be unsteady, even when placed on a level surface. I often feel as though it’s best to lean the cup up against something stable to ensure that it doesn’t tip over. For that reason, this is not a five star product in my opinion.

  52. Queen B

    Java Sok – I like the concept. Doesn’t keep drink cold as long as it says it will:( but, I love the feel, & the fact that I don’t have to hold a cold drink, and help my ice melt faster. Super Fast shipping. Will purchase more!!

  53. Amber L Moore

    Great, It works

  54. sandra

    Other applications than Starbucks or Dunkin donuts – I have some medium sized drink cups at home. They sweat and don’t keep ice cold for very long. When I apply these Java Soks on the cups, my drink stays colder longer and no sweat!!

    Love the speed with which you send them and I used your buy one get one free offer and got 8 of them. Already gave one as a gift to a friend.

  55. Unknown

    Other Applications besides Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts – I use this size for my large drinking cups that are NOT disposable. These are large drinking cups that I bought at Walmart. I don’t generally buy coffee or iced coffee or tea at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. But these Java Soks work great for MY application.

  56. KMC

    Better than the big name koosies. These koosies fit great! I have all the sizes. The quality is better than the big name koosies!

  57. Unknown

    Doesn’t fit Super Big Gulp – I purchased this mainly for the 7-11 Super Big Gulps, and these don’t really fit. I wish these came in an even larger size or were just a tad bit more stretchy. That said, they do seem very high in quality.

  58. Anne Kuldanek

    Fits perfectly! Love iced coffee – hate the cup sweating and dripping – this sok fits perfectly! Cool colors! Bought plenty as Christmas gifts for my coffee loving friends!

  59. Unknown

    Perfect! The order arrived within 2 business days and works perfectly for my daily Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks run. I bought one for my boss with your BOGO sale and she is a big fan now, too!

    We have both been using our Java Soks since the day they arrived. Thank you!

    I will keep referring business your way.

  60. Amy B

    PERFECT! I have been wanting someone to invent this exact item. I was so excited to find it. It works PERFECT! I drink iced coffee everyday & the quality is great.
    Thank you!

  61. Christy

    Love it, bought this as a gift for my daughter because she literally is allergic to the cold. It keeps the cold water from the cup condensation off her hands which would swell up otherwise. I will definitely be buying her more.

  62. Feffie

    No more drips – I always hated sweaty, drippy cups. No more of that!
    The Java Sok is great. I love it as do my friends & family I’ve gifted with the Java Sok.
    It’s well made & attractive. I even use it for my hot drinks & keep it in my purse for convenience

  63. Unknown

    Easy to use sleeve for cold cup. I purchased the Java Sok for my husband. He makes a shake every morning and complained that the container was cold to hold. This item does the trick of giving a comfortable grip and having the cup not feel too cold.
    I would have given five stars if this was a sleeve only – without covering the bottom of the container. It does not sit easily on a flat surface.

  64. David Reid

    Works Like a Charm. I was looking for a sleeve to replace my worn and tattered Dunkin’ Donuts branded sleeve and stumbled upon Java Sok. Needless to say I was psyched to find a product that seemed to be what I was looking for. My first impression when they arrived was that they looked great (vibrant colors) and were well constructed. Well after using Java Sok on my home brewed ice coffee, I can honestly say that work and look fantastically. Very pleased. Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair, you wont be disappointed.

  65. Rebecca Nelson

    Loyal customer – My mother and I have several Java Soks. We have them in all 3 sizes and keep them in our cars and in our purses. We drink a good bit of Starbucks and keeping our drinks cool in the summer is a must. The Java Sok is the best!! It doesn’t let sweat get on anything and keeps our drinks cold for longer. We have given them to friends, family, and co-workers for Christmas, birthdays, Valentines Day, other holidays, and well just because we love them too much not to share them with everyone. We will continue to purchase them and use them for our drinks. The company is awesome to work with and they ship so quickly.

  66. Unknown

    Best invention ever. I absolutely love Java Soks. I actually have 4 for myself and have purchased 5 for the girls in my office. I wouldn’t think of drinking my iced coffee without it!!

  67. Jo Sauers

    Oh, Happy Day! I just received my new Java Sok sleeves and all I can say is “Where have you been all my life?!” Seriously, these things are just about one of the sweetest inventions ever! They perfectly fit my large Tim Horton’s ice coffee cup and they keep the drink cool for hours. The product is well made and will likely be something I use for years to come. Bravo Java Sok, you ROCK!

  68. Unknown

    Love it! I have this in both the large and medium sizes. They fit their respective Dunkin iced coffee cups perfectly and really keep them cold for a long time. I want a set to keep in the house and another for my car!

  69. Unknown

    Awesome! This is perfect and just what I needed! Now I can enjoy my favorite glasses and drinks on the go without condensation getting all over me, my clothes, the table and the car! So in love!

  70. Jeanne

    Really does what I needed it to do. I didn’t buy this for commercial cups, I bought it to use with a water bottle I keep with me 24 hours a day (got to flush those kidneys!) Now that the warmer weather is arriving, that bottle sweats. I’ve used pads o paper towels, I have Thirtsystone coasters, but while those help prevent a puddle on the table, when I pick the bottle up to drink invariably the sweat would roll down and drip on me-at 3 am that’s just nasty! My JavaSok ROCKS!!! Delivery was very fast, the 24oz DD size fits the bottom of my bottom beautifully and covers about 3/4 of he full bottle, and since it arrived, I haven’t had a drip or a drop fall on me. The price for one, with regular delivery, is a bit high, but I wasn’t prepared to order another until I saw how this worked. I may order a multiple later…

  71. TINA

    Dry hands, yeah! Love Java Sok. No more “wet” anything. Dry hands, dry paperwork, dry car cupholder. What an awesome product! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I’m pretty sure it also keeps my iced coffee cold longer! BTW, great color choices

  72. Theresa

    GREATEST PURCHASE! I am so happy with my Java Sok! I have always wished for a koozie for my iced coffee and though it was all but a dream until I did a google search and stumbled upon the Java Sok. Thanks for making dreams come true!


    Cool product. We got the blue and the pink – true to colour and fit our medium size insulated plastic cups. Kept our drinks cold and sand free during our vacation when we wedged our cups into the sand to anchor them down.

  74. Jennifer Smith

    Keeps drinks cold, the sleeve is great. I love now that my cup doesn’t sweat all over my desk.

  75. Unknown

    Essential if you’re an iced tea/coffee drinker!
    This is the only thing that keeps my iced tea cold until it’s gone. Love these!!

  76. AK

    Keeps my drinks cold and my hands condensation free! I love the javasok. It keeps my drinks cold and my hands condensation free! Also I can use it to keep my hot drinks hot without burning my hands. Sometimes you need more than just a cardboard coffee sleeve! 🙂

  77. Jodi

    Perfect fit. I was tired of using multiple napkins to keep my Rita’s large gelati from melting AND this is it…love it.

  78. Unknown

    Looks great, works great! I lost my DD coozie, and couldn’t find at any of their stores, so, went searching online and found these. I picked a couple of cool colors, and noticed they seem a bit flatter on the bottom, which I appreciate!

  79. Kelli

    Love it!!! Love it, the Java Sok fits. Y large McDonald’s cup perfect!!!

  80. tlady

    What a great product!! I always have a 32oz iced tea in hand. I got the Javasok after noticing the condensation was leaving water marks on my new marble counter. It’s better than I could have hoped for. Keeps my drink from melting too fast and acts as a full cup coaster. No more grabbing a wet cup. I have taken it into hot yoga with me and still have ice in my cup at the end. Only thing is I use the 32oz cups without the tapered base so it was a bit tricky to fit at first but it stretched out. Please make for 12 oz cans 🙂

  81. Unknown

    Fits Rita’s large gelati. Been looking for something besides napkins to keep my gelati from melting….this fits perfect. Neighbor says where’d you get that.

  82. Sam

    No more sweaty cups to deal with. Excellent product, worth the price.

  83. Michelle Lawson

    Awesome! No more sweaty cups and keeps my iced coffee cold! Love it!

  84. Unknown

    Goodbye Paper Towel. Great product it does the work and I no longer need a paper towel to wrap my Iced Mocha or my Shake.

  85. Unknown

    Great for gifts………….

  86. Unknown

    Great for 16 oz water bottle. I keep one in my car and use it to keep my 16 oz water bottle cold longer.

  87. Len

    Great product, I purchase the jova cup and made a mistake on the order and David took care of the order with no extra charge. Up standing company it was a pleasure doing doing business with them.

  88. David

    Great product, Keeps my desk from getting wet from Cold drinks in plastic cups

  89. Robert

    Great Purchase. These holders are awesome, they fit the big gulp perfectly as well as my super big gulp…any soda that i bring just fits nicely and it does not lean or spill over…I have bought 3 of these and they are great!!

  90. Unknown

    good gift for iced coffee lovers. bought this as a gift for my friend who loves it

  91. Unknown

    No more soggy napkins! Love my Java Sok! Great stocking stuffer.

  92. Unknown

    Great Christmas gift! Perfect size, we’ll made and easy to use

  93. Unknown

    javasok small cups. We really love the javasok small cups and use them for our highball glasses. The only thing is that they are a little to high for our glasses. It would fit better for us if they were 1/2 to 3/4 inches shorter

  94. Unknown

    love it. I bought these for the small slurpee sized cups for my kids and for iced coffee for me. LOVE them and would highly recommend.

  95. Bryan

    Excellent Product. I couldn’t find any insulating sleeve that fits a Starbucks grande iced drink until now. This Javasok sleeve fits SB grande-size iced cups perfectly, and keeps them cold a lot longer than without it. I didn’t want to pour my drink into an insulated cup, because I would have to wash it. The Javasok is the perfect solution!

  96. Susan Maynard

    This is the BEST product!!! I am sooo Happy!!! I drink iced tea in the morning and seltzer all day and I always use a Starbucks Trente size plastic cup. I can never find the sleeve that fits this size until i found Java Sok! I have been using this now for a week and it works the best out of any others I used. I will definitely order more colors!!! I love it!

  97. [email protected]

    Love It! ❤️. I’ve purchased 4 of these and given them to my friends. I love how it keeps the condensation from coming off the cups when it’s on my table.

  98. [email protected]

    Best product for my Starbucks cup!! I love my java Sok. I can’t believe that I still have ice two hours later and best of all the Cup didn’t sweat water all over my desk. Anyone who loves Starbucks as much as me needs this in there life. Love it❤️

  99. [email protected]

    My favorite!! Nothing comes close! Greatest cup holder made!

  100. Unknown

    Love it. This is the best thing I’ve found recently. I used to tape napkins around my cup so I wouldn’t have to get my hands wet from the condensation. This product not only keeps my hand dry but keeps my iced coffee cold.

    The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because it doesn’t come in purple.

  101. Michele Hale

    Java Sok sleeve. I love this sleeve to keep my drinks cold and the cups dry.

  102. Nancy

    Java Sok. Lives up to expectations. Keeps beverages cold, stops condensation and absorbs moisture from the outside of the cup.

  103. Nancy

    Cup. Holders. Love them!. No dripping!!!

  104. David

    Work’s well. It’s been in the 90’s all week. Keeping it cooler than if I didn’t have one

  105. Unknown

    Medium Java Sok. Fits my Dunkin medium iced latte perfectly. Washes well too. Great products.

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Where are you with your JavaSok?

Our JavaSok Story

My family loves iced coffee and all kinds of frozen drinks, but we don’t love the plastic cups sweating all over our tables, desks, nightstands, and cars. And we especially hate it when a sweaty cup drips on our dress clothes while driving, commuting, or sitting in a meeting. And it really, really just sucks for us cold weather iced coffee addicts to carry a freezing cup outside in even colder weather – like at our kid’s lacrosse and football games.

So we went looking for a solution and when we couldn’t find anything good enough we decided to make this for ourselves.  Soon, people were asking us where they could get one, and our JavaSok business was born.

Our JavaSok’s were designed for iced coffee, but they work just as well for Iced Tea, Smoothies, Milkshakes – well you get the idea. We know you’ll love them as much as we do – in fact, we guarantee it.

David & Marlee Laks

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