Review for Iced JavaSok

Really does what I needed it to do. I didn’t buy this for commercial cups, I bought it to use with a water bottle I keep with me 24 hours a day (got to flush those kidneys!) Now that the warmer weather is arriving, that bottle sweats. I’ve used pads o paper towels, I have Thirtsystone coasters, but while those help prevent a puddle on the table, when I pick the bottle up to drink invariably the sweat would roll down and drip on me-at 3 am that’s just nasty! My JavaSok ROCKS!!! Delivery was very fast, the 24oz DD size fits the bottom of my bottom beautifully and covers about 3/4 of he full bottle, and since it arrived, I haven’t had a drip or a drop fall on me. The price for one, with regular delivery, is a bit high, but I wasn’t prepared to order another until I saw how this worked. I may order a multiple later…

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