Our Story

My wife and I love iced coffee, but like everyone else, we don't like the plastic cups sweating all over our tables, desks, night stands, and cars. And we especially hate when a sweaty cup drips on our dress clothes when we're driving, commuting, or sitting in a meeting. It also just plain sucks for us cold weather iced coffee addicts to carry a freezing cup around in the equally freezing weather, especially at a school sports game where the wind chill is minus 10! 

So we went looking for some koozies. Low priced, good quality, bright color koozies!  And we couldn't find them anywhere!! So we decided to make them for ourselves and then sell the rest to you, at great prices, and in as many varieties as we could afford.

Whether you keep coming back to Java Sok to see what new colors and designs we come up with and/or sign up for our list so you get a quick note when we have something new, be sure to stick with us to see what's next. More colors? Do-it-yourself iced coffee kits?  Cold brew recipes?  

Who knows?!? We wanted these and started a business to make them happen, so you never know what we'll want next!!


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